How Often Do You Clean a Betta Fish Tank?

Betta fishes are known to one of the aggressive tropical fishes. They are quite a handful to take care of than the other pet fishes for the beginners but after reading in detail about them and how to take care, their diet and what kind of habitat is best for them that is the ideal tank setup you can successfully take good care of the betta fish. Best betta fish tank can be bought online as well.

Introduction to betta fish

How Often Do You Clean a Betta Fish Tank?

The betta fish is one of the most beautiful tropical fishes around starting from those bright vibrant colors to their large and majestic fins. Being extensively cross-bred they come in different varieties. Particularly, one of the most attractive features of these fishes is its tail that is quite attractive. Different species show different types of attractive features. The male and female beta fishes can be easily told apart as the females are less extravagant than the males, they have a smaller body and fins but they are still attractive and beautiful. They live for as long as three years, that is the healthy individual will survive for three years in a clean and well-maintained tank.

These fishes are commonly called by their other name that is Siamese fighting fish. And this name was given to them due to their fighting tendencies. And at a time they were solely bred for that purpose. These fishes flare their gills to intimidate others who threaten their territories. They are known to establish their territories and defend them because of which they are kept in a separate tank, though the females are less prone to fighting and are most commonly taken up for community tank. Along with the gills the betta fishes are known to have a special something that is paired with their gills known as the labyrinth organ. So, this organ allows them to breathe oxygen from both breaths of air as well as water. When there is less oxygen dissolved in the tank they breathe oxygen from the air above the water.

How to clean a betta fish tank?

How Often Do You Clean a Betta Fish Tank?

Though betta fishes are the tropical fishes known and sold as low-maintenance fishes that are easy to care for they excrete like all the other fishes and eventually making the tank dirty needing a good cleaning for the tank. How often you need to clean the tank depends on the size of your tank how big or small it is. In smaller tanks, the toxins are accumulated quite fast and require more regular cleanings and water change. The water change should be changed by about 30-50% every few days and once or twice a week. Whereas the large tanks that are equipped with filters require less frequent change of water an less cleaning, but changing just about 10-15 parts of water every week or two and the tank can be left without cleaning for several weeks.

Steps to clean the water tank:

Preparing the water that is to be changed

Depending on the amount of water you’re changing whether 20%, 30% or 50% that water should already be prepared before

the starting of the cleaning process. We all know that the fishes cannot survive in the unconditioned tap water. And if the tap water is being used, take the amount that you need in some container and use the water conditioner so that the chlorine and other harmful chemicals can be neutralized. or by leaving the tap water for up to 24-48 hours the chemical will naturally evaporate. and the water that you are adding should be close to the water temperature that is present in the tank. not to forget that while cleaning your tank you should thoroughly wash your hands by warm water to clear out all the bacteria if present.

Removing the fish from the tank

Before cleaning the tank you have to remove your betta fish to somewhere calm and safe. To do this take a container and fill it with tank water and by using the fishnet or a sterile container to gently scoop the fish out and in the other container and also make sure to place a safety cover on top of their container as the betta fishes are great jumpers.

Removing the accessories

By removing the artificial plants, decorations and accessories, and the other items so that you can thoroughly clean the tank and these individual items need a good cleaning it will be quite easier if you set aside in a separate large bowl to clean everything up.

Remove the tank water you want to save

Now depending upon the quantity of water whether 50% that his half os the tank water or 10% using a bowl or cup you can set it aside as you will add this water back into the tank. As it can be really bad for the betta fish if you perform a complete water change of the tank so you should always keep some amount

of original tank water aside before changing. As the tank builds up some beneficial bacteria to which the betta fish is used to and completely cleaning everything out will make a drastic change and could send him in the shock.

Removing out the remaining water

How Often Do You Clean a Betta Fish Tank?

After scooping out the water you can clean and dump the water and you can pass it through a sieve to catch out any gravel if it is passing out.

Cleaning the decorative

By using a soft scrubber or a brush you can scrub off the slime and dirt that is present on the surface by using the warm water over the decorations. But you have to be careful and not use soap as the residues of soap can harm the fish.

Clean and scrub the tank clean

you got to thoroughly clean the tank itself, the glass by scrubbing the sides using a cloth or any soft brush to loosen all the accumulated algae or slime. And also make sure to not use soap here after all the scrubbing

finally adds some more warm water over the sides and thoroughly dumps the water.

Placing the decorations back

Now in the dry tank place back the gravel in the tank and place the decorations in the tank.

Fill the tank with water

How Often Do You Clean a Betta Fish Tank?

Now you have to fill the tank with the old and new water and give it a good mix and test the temperature and make it perfect for the fish.

return the fish to its original home

Finally, place the fish back in the clean add perfect tank. A clean tank will keep your fish happy.

What is the Best Food to Feed Hedgehogs?

What is the Best Food to Feed Hedgehogs?

Many pet owners wish to take care of their favourite hedgehog in all the possible ways. They have a busy schedule and ever-increasing interests to make their pet comfortable, healthy and safe on a regular basis. They can focus on everything about the best food for hedgehogs and make an informed decision to enhance their way to feed the pet every day.  They have to contact specialists in the best hedgehog food items and improve their proficiency to pick and purchase the suitable food. If they properly feed their hedgehog, then they can make certain about the overall health and improved life of the pet beyond doubt.

The best diet plan for hedgehogs

What is the Best Food to Feed Hedgehogs?

It is the suitable time to concentrate on the food and diet guide for hedgehogs. In general, hedgehogs feed on live insects in the wild. These animals are comfortable to eat whatever available in front of them. They mostly eat baby mice, eggs, fruits, worms, fish, frogs and small snakes. Though, hedgehogs are not picky eaters, they require healthy foods to live long.  As a pet owner with a desire to take care of your pet, you have to provide your hedgehog a properly balanced and nutritious diet. There are different types of hedgehog foods available on the market. However, the main categories of foods are dry food, moist food, fruits and veggies and treats.

Pet owners with a specialization in the hedgehog food items nowadays recommend a well balanced diet rich in protein for those who ask about how to take care of the hedgehog through the healthy foods every day. The total amount of food feed to the hedgehog depends on different factors like the overall metabolism and activity of the hedgehog. This is worthwhile to cut back portions of food when you notice that your hedgehog becomes fat. Every hedgehog can be healthy when its pet owners provide a nutritious diet based foods to it. You must understand and remember that dry food is the main portion of your hedgehog’s diet. You can provide a meat or chicken dry food to your hedgehog to keep it healthy for a long time.

Foods to feed to your hedgehogs

What is the Best Food to Feed Hedgehogs?

The moist food must be fed to the hedgehog. You have to choose and buy the moist food rich in protein and mainly made of chicken or meat. This is worthwhile to add some fruits and vegetables in the hedgehog’s diet. Some of these vegetables are carrots, corn, apples, peas and beans. You have to take note of likes and dislikes of your hedgehog while feeding fruits and vegetables at the first time. You must avoid your idea to overfeed your hedgehog fruits and vegetables at any time. We can spend enough time and consult with hedgehog food specialists to keep up-to-date with the hedgehog foods to feed and food items to avoid.

There are different types of hedgehog treats recommended by pet specialists worldwide. Once you have decided to add variety to your hedgehog’s diet, you can provide the best hedgehog food especially treats to your hedgehog. You have to keep in mind that treats to hedgehog only in moderation to make it healthy. Hedgehogs like insects like mealworms and crickets. You can provide these great treats to your pet and make it happy. Experienced pet owners with a specialization in hedgehog treats these days recommended moist dog or cat foods to feed hedgehog. They also suggest cooked foods like chicken, hamburger and eggs to enhance the overall health of the hedgehog.  They usually provide a small portion of their food to the hedgehog with an aim to give it a good treat.

How to make your hedgehogs healthy

What is the Best Food to Feed Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs require a good source of fresh and clean water at all times. If you buy a cage for your hedgehog, then you can choose the cage with a stoppered water bottle. This is because this water bottle helps the hedgehog to get an instant access to the water whenever it needs. Some pet owners have a doubt that whether they can feed dried fruits like raisins and banana chips to the hedgehogs. They have to remember that dried fruits are rich in sugar content and known by their sticky nature when compared to fresh fruits. Dried fruits do not have any nutritional elements required for hedgehogs. As a result, you can avoid feeding dried fruits to your pet hereafter.

Hedgehogs have the best sense of smell especially strong odours. Fish has strong odour. You can feed your hedgehog fish-based cat food. This is because fish protein is very helpful to enhance the health of the hedgehog in different aspects. You can provide sunflower hearts and peanuts as treats to your hedgehogs rather than feeding such foods in large quantity daily. This is because these foods rich in fat content. Hedgehogs enjoy the best hedgehog food and invertebrates which spilt food attracts like beetles, bugs, slugs and worms. If you wish to make your hedgehog happy and healthy, then you can feed it a small bowl of supplementary food.

The best food and cage for your hedgehog

What is the Best Food to Feed Hedgehogs?

Every hedgehog requires plenty of space, dry cover and quiet corners to flourish, sleep, breed and play as safe as possible. They become healthy when they consume the best foods. You can spend enough time to be aware of the best hedgehog food and make positive changes in your hedgehog’s routine diet. You will get enough assistance and ensure about how to successfully take care of your pet as expected.

People who own and take care of the hedgehog nowadays think about what food must avoid in the diet plan of the hedgehog. They have to never provide their hedgehog milk, sweets and salted food. Some fruits like grapes, raisins, citrus fruits, pineapple and avocado are not recommended for hedgehogs. You can also avoid feeding garlic, onion, potato, tomato and mushroom to your hedgehog. Seasoned or fried meat gives different health problems to hedgehogs. You must avoid feed your hedgehogs nuts and seeds and chocolates.

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