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For Commercial Producers, Performance Animal Managers, Pet Owners, or Veterinarians:

If you are a dairy farmer, commercial livestock producer, swine or poultry grower, pet shop owner, horse enthusiast, kennel operator, dog trainer, veterinarian, animal nutritionist or deal with virtually any species that either has fur, feathers, or wool, or you are simply the adopted parents of the greatest dog (or dogs!) in the world, we would like to introduce you to AMS: Animal Health Solutions.

Our goal is to provide you with proven products for increasing animal health, comfort, and nutrition.

The products we offer have been tested in the laboratory and in the field, and have proven themselves to be among the best the world has to offer.

We welcome your questions and comments. If you use our products, contact us and let us know how we’re doing. If you are not familiar with our company, please consider us a resource for improving your livestock or pet health.

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Mistral :

Ammonia levels are reduced as much as 50% through the use of this sanitizing powder, resulting in higher production.

MMi :

MMi reduces moisture contamination in feeds, resulting in documented doubling of yield increases.

MFeed :

This natural feed additive improves feed conversion in livestock.

Stallfresh :

This fresh smelling powder reduces ammonia, increases bedding life by as much as 300%, and helps keep your stalls and stable fly-free.

Trailerfresh :

This light powder reduces ammonia, urea and moisture in trailers, resulting in significant decreases in equine respiratory problems.

Kennelfresh :

Using Kennelfresh will reduce and/or eliminate moisture and ammonia odors in kennels, crates, pet runs and ore, creating a healthier environment.

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