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Animal Health Solutions from AMS

For Commercial Producers, Performance Animal Managers, Pet Owners, or Veterinarians: If you are a dairy farmer, commercial livestock producer, swine or poultry grower, pet shop owner, horse enthusiast, kennel operator, dog trainer, veterinarian, animal nutritionist or deal with virtually any species that either has fur, feathers, or wool, or you are simply the adopted parents… Read More »

Our Products Mean Healthier Herds, Birds and Pets

AMS has spent years researching an array of products that promote animal health, environments, and general animal nutrition. We’ve talked to breeders, farmers, ranchers, nutritionists and veterinarians about what they use, and the success they’ve enjoyed. We’ve traveled several continents and been “in the field” examining the results. What we’ve discovered is what we offer… Read More »

AMS: Products For Healthier Animals

From Horses to Dairy Cows, Hogs and Poultry, AMS Means Improved Animal Health and A Healthier Environment AMS has been involved in animal health and nutrition for over 10 years. We’ve talked with thousands of farmers, producers, veterinarians and nutritionists across North America, Europe and Asia and there are two common ideas we all agree… Read More »

Pet Comfort From AMS

Pets deserve a clean and fresh environment. KennelFresh, the newest release in the “Fresh Product Line” by AMS, is used in kennels, hutches, cages, and stables to reduce odor and moisture, and aid in the control of insects. This natural wicking agent will absorb and “wick away” moisture, eliminating the harmful effects of ammonia, bacteria… Read More »

Swine Nutrition and Comfort

Maximizing swine production is critical when it comes to realizing a strong return on your investment. A nutritional system that sustains and enhances healthy growth and a healthy environment for piglets only makes sense….and dollars….for the farm. AMS has had years of success and success stories from farmers across the country and around the world… Read More »