Pet Comfort From AMS

cow and calf

Pets deserve a clean and fresh environment.

KennelFresh, the newest release in the “Fresh Product Line” by AMS, is used in kennels, hutches, cages, and stables to reduce odor and moisture, and aid in the control of insects. This natural wicking agent will absorb and “wick away” moisture, eliminating the harmful effects of ammonia, bacteria and insects. TheĀ all naturalĀ sanitizing powder does not contain any caustic chemicals, dyes or perfumes, and is conveniently packaged for home or commercial use.

AMS is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all animas by offering products that improve their environment. It all starts with where they live and bed down.

Sometimes dogs just love their kennels . . . perhaps a little too much! And puppies just can’t control themselves all that well, so there are bound to be a few accidents. And who could forget that litter box odor!

AMS can help, with KennelFresh.

If you are a small pet owner, or you operate a kennel, dog boarding business, or veterinary clinic, you want the best product for improving and maintaining a healthy environment.

AMS has been taking care of almost everything with four legs or two wings for years. The products we provide have been tested and used world-wide.

Your pet or the pets you care for deserve the best environment possible.