Our Products Mean Healthier Herds, Birds and PetsOur Products Mean Healthier Herds, Birds and Pets

AMS has spent years researching an array of products that promote animal health, environments, and general animal nutrition. We’ve talked to breeders, farmers, ranchers, nutritionists and veterinarians about what they use, and the success they’ve enjoyed. We’ve traveled several continents and been “in the field” examining the results.

Big Chicken

What we’ve discovered is what we offer to you, with the firm knowledge that your animals, from swine to equine, from dairy cows to poultry, and even hamsters to dogs, will benefit enormously from what we have to offer.

Increased production, better health, and a stronger, healthier herd means greater profits and productivity for you.

That means you should be talking with us at AMS!

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A leading absorbent that solves problems before they begin.


A natural nutritional supplement that will have an almost immediate impact on feed efficiency.


Reduces moisture content in feedstuffs, creating safer feed.


Increases bedding life by up to 300%, reduces moisture and eliminates harmful ammonia.


Reduces moisture and eliminates harmful ammonia in trailers used for animal transport.


NEW! The pet’s version of TrailerFresh, reducing moisture and eliminating harmful ammonia in cages and kennels.