AMS: Products For Healthier AnimalsAMS: Products For Healthier Animals

From Horses to Dairy Cows, Hogs and Poultry,
AMS Means Improved Animal Health and A Healthier Environment


AMS has been involved in animal health and nutrition for over 10 years. We’ve talked with thousands of farmers, producers, veterinarians and nutritionists across North America, Europe and Asia and there are two common ideas we all agree on:

Improving animal nutrition means more production and higher profit;

A better animal environment means a healthier, more productive and profitable animal.

Productivity, in this case, means prolific litters, more milk and egg production, and winning horses.

We invite you to find out more. Take a look at the products we have to offer for equine, poultry, dairy, and swine.

Then contact us. Let’s talk about your farm, operation or business, and which products will best meet your particular needs and/or the needs of your clients and customers, If you’d like to visit with us in person, please check out our tradeshow schedule by clicking here.

AMS: We are the animal management solution.